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Parish Walks

There are many walks along Teesdale. 'The Teesdale Way' is the best known and part of the walk passes through Eggleston Parish.  In addition there are 48 officially Council listed footpaths throughout the parish.


Number of footpath           From                                To

 1                                  8 Greenbank                   Townhead

 2                                  The Drive                        The Old Church Eggleston Hall

 3                                  Cultivation Terraces      Cultivation Terraces

 4                                  B6282 Middleton Road   Back of Holy Trinity Church

 5                                  B6282 Middleton             Back of Holy Trinity Church

 6                                  Back of HT Church        Eggleshope House

 7                                  B6282 Hillbrow               Cultivation Terraces

 8                                  Cultivation Terraces       Cultivation Terraces

 9                                  Past Newtown                Past Newtown

 10                                Bogg House                    Bogg House

 11                                Bogg House                    Cultivation Terraces

 12                                Newtown                         Bogg House

 13                                Newtown                         Bogg House

 14                                Newtown                         Hill Top

 15                                Newtown                         Eggleshope House

 16                                Newtown Fords              Blackton B6278

 17                                Fords                               Caravan Park

 18                                Fords                               Knotts Plantation

 19                                Blackton                          Laverock Hall

 20                                B6282 Burnfoot Farm     Bogg House

 21                                B6282                              Toft Rigg

 22                                Toft Rigg                         Fords

 23                                Burnfoot Farm                Ornella Farm

 24                                Eggleston Farm              River Tees

 25                                River Tees                      Sunbank

 26                                B6282 Heather Lea        Foggerthwaite

 27                                B6282 Quarry                 Foggerthwaite

 28                                B6282 Quarry                 Foggerthwaite

 29                                B6282 Quarry                 Foggerthwaite

 30                                Belmont                          Egglesburn Road

 31                                Standing Stones            Cattle grid Stanhope Road

 32                                B6278 Hill Top               Caravan Park Road

 33                                Blaeberry Bank              Slateledge Spurlswood Quarry

 34                                Blaeberry Bank              Millstone Rigg Eggl'n Common (Egg Cmn)

 35                                Middle Nemour              Hutchinson's Springs

 36                                Middle Nemour              Stobgreen Plantation

 37                                Nemour  Lane                Nemour Plantation

 38                                Eggleshope House         Nemour Lane

 39                                Maple Cottage Village Hall   Middle Nemour lane

 40                                Eggleston Hall Corner     East Barnley

 41                                East Barnley                    Raygill Beck

 42                                East Barnley                    High Shipley

 43                                County Bridge                 East Barnley

 44                                Roman Rd Egg Cmn       Sharnberry Gill

 45                                Roman Rd Egg Cmn       Roman Road Eggleston Common

 46                                Little Eggleshope             Mine Workings

 47                                Roman Rd Egg Cmn       Pawlaw Pike

 48                                Ornella Farm                    Along River Tees


 Information to come. It is intended to add the description and distance of each walk with an overview map.







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The parish of Eggleston lies between the river Tees to the south and Eggleston Fell to the north, which is the border with Weardale.


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